St Catherine’s Church and Graveyard and the Medieval Town of Killybegs

St Catherine’s Church:  Wonderful to see scaffolding up at St Catherine’s church as work gets under way to stabilise the old ruin and preserve it for posterity. 

In 2001, a FÁS community response scheme was set up under the auspices of Killybegs Employment Projectd Ltd. to research the church and graveyard.  That project did much valuable work down the years and the book published in 2008 about “St Catherine’s Church and Graveyard and the Medieval Town of Killybegs” is still available to buy locally.  And the proceeds are all going towards the preservation work. 

Much damage has been done to the structure by sycamore and ivy but, hopefully, it can be saved. 
The present work is being undertaken with support from the Heritage Council and a start is being made on the east gable of the building, which was deemed to be in the most precarious condition.

This is only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a process of many years duration.  Go mbeanaigh Dia an obair.


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